Also, there are a lot of City nodes in other Raids where you can use Defenders successfully. The most notable Kree characters are Captain Marvel, Ronan the Accuser, Korath the Pursuer, Captain Atlas, Doctor Minerva, Shatterstar, Ultimus, and Yon-Rogg. His second skill buffs allies with regeneration, and if allies are Kree they receive 2 Regeneration instead. This team can beat in Offense almost any custom team, Defenders, Sinister Six, Kree and can be dangerous against some Meta teams. Invisible Woman’s ultimate applies Offense Down on all enemies for 2 turns and grants barrier to all allies equal to 40% of her Max Health. Sif then adds the much-needed support by being a massive shield for the team by taunting and deflecting damage. Controller who extends negative status effects on enemies. Wasp ultimate hit all targets in the enemy team for 270% of her base damage and this ability cannot be Countered. Emma Frost’s ultimate clears Charged from her and all positive effects from all enemies. Russian warrior of the Cold War, Red Guardian uses his boldness and military tactics to steal positive effects from enemies and grant them to his allies. S.H.I.E.L.D. With Asgardians, the most important thing is the initial Loki/Hela connection. Hand Assassin is a quick attacker who prevents healing on a single target. This team will not change the balance of the Arena but they will grant certain victory in Alliance War and Blitz. team. Security has a decent chance to apply slow while attacking and she also has a nice damage output for a protector. Considering that Mercenary Riot Guard is a very useful protector, his price is low – only 15 shards obtainable through blitz supplies, blitz orbs, milestone orbs, and premium orbs. Loki is the Asgardian Controller who uses his cunning magic to expose enemy vulnerabilities and clone himself. Welcome to Marvel Strike Force Best Teams and Character Ranks page. Passive ability grants her 1 Charge every turn to up to a maximum of 5. M’Baku has similar stats as S.H.I.E.L.D. To further increase his Critical Chance, Iron Man needs to be equipped with Raider ISO-8 class. If enemies are under the effect of Slow, Iceman always attacks them on their turn and reduces their Armor and Damage by 10% if the passive ability is fully upgraded. His first skill attacks the single target causing moderate damage and applying Offense Down for 1 turn and Slow for up to 2 turns. Assaulter can be farmed later in the game in 5-3 Heroes Assemble campaign mission and his price is 45 shards. Her special ability transfers 1 positive effect (excluding Taunt) from the primary target to Yelena and all Skill Military allies and attacks that target causing up to 280% Damage while placing Disrupt for up to 2 turns in the process. Spider-Man [Miles] is a nice addition to the player roster. Yondu’s ultimate delivers medium undodgeable Piercing damage to all enemies. If you need Mordo for full Supernatural synergy you can replace him with numerous other Heroes that can improve the strength of this team (Minn-Erva, Mysterio, etc..) but in the fact that we need another Hero for this team remains. Additionally, Rescue’s and Power Armor allies’ Max Health is increased by 10%. His passive ability grants increased focus and increase his Speed Bar whenever Pyro is under attack. When an ally dies Vulture gains Deflect and when an enemy dies his Speed Bar is changed by +25%. M’Baku can have up to 5 Charges. Since he is a summoner who attacks a single target with both of his offensive skills there are 3 options for Red Skull when we talk about iSO-8. Her abilities are stronger in Radis. Create Team Synergy with characters from the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, S.H.I.E.L.D., Wakanda, and the Spider-Verse! Hand Sorceress’s main strength is that she buffs allies when she casts healing. Currently, Storm can be obtained through Premium Orbs, Milestones Orbs and Mystic Forces Rising 2-3 Campiagn missiin. Hawkeye price is 45 shards which can be obtained via Mega Orbs, Premium Orbs, and 1-9 Heroic Assemble campaign mission. Players will often use their Brotherhood team to surely prevail against them and that only is a reason enough to put them in Defense. MARVEL Strike Force is a strategy RPG available to download for free on Android and iOS mobile devices. Iron Fist is a versatile martial artist with healing abilities and a powerful single-target attack. Her first skill inflicts medium damage to the single target and grants one charge to Storm. Mordo and Scarlet Witch are the champions of negative effects in this team. To read more about the champions in the team, click on the hero portrait image. Trooper. War Machine is an armored soldier who uses an arsenal of weapons to bombard his foes. Her second skill infuses all allies with protective barrier equal to 10% of Rescue’s Health and applies Regeneration (2 Regeneration in Alliance War). Yelena Belova is similar to Black Widow in many aspects except that she cannot Stun or place Speed on her allies. M’Baku is the noble leader of the Jabari tribe who protects his own and relentlessly assaults his enemies. His first skill shreds primary and adjacent targets for a medium amount of damage and applies Offense Down on the primary target. This Hydra team will be especially effective in Alliance War Offense where they will easily deal with Defense teams that contain Minions such as A.I.M., Hydra with Red Skull, Kree, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Additionally, Defense Down is applied to the primary target. It also has a chance to apply Stealth to Nobu. It also generates 2 Ability energy for 2 random Marauders allies. Passive ability grants Cull Obsidian Defense Up for up to 2 turns at the start of combat and enables him to retaliate to anyone who attacks Ebony Maw or Thanos causing heavy damage. Monstrosity, the most expensive minion in the game. That means that unlike some other Pym Tech Heroes she can have uses outside Pym Tech synergy and Dark Dimension. Assault is a jetpack assault soldier who provides air cover with area attacks. This skill also applies all positive effects on Nick Fury to the rest of the team. Karnak’s price is 45 shards that will be probably obtainable in Karnak’s Blitz. The passive ability of Red Skull is definitely overpowered. His first ability causes heavy damage against the single target, chains to an additional target and grants him Defense Up. Villain, Global, Bio, Controller, A.I.M., Minion, A supervillain organization made up of evil mystic Ninjas…. Ultron is a well-known adversary, now boosted and ready for your use. His first skill inflicts heavy damage against the single target and applies Slow. This is definitely the best class for him although he can be equipped with the Raider class as well since he can exploit his AOE ultimate attack to place Vulnerability on multiple targets. His second skill clears Heal Block on all allies and places Immunity to them. With the introduction of Ironheart, this team becomes even more powerful since another AoE that could be executed under the effect of Offense Up is available now. All in all, Mystique should be a great asset in your roster especially against stealth targets and targets who have a lot of buffs. Additionally, she applies Deflect to Drax if he is in her team. If Scream has 3 or more Symbiote allies she decreases the Resistance of all enemies by 30%. With many new and returning players these days, we want to create a place where players can get essential information on the current state of the game, including advice on how to progress. As mentioned before, Pym Tech team is made primarily for Dark Dimension but since they are very dangerous even outside of it and since every member of Pym Tech team gains at least 2 Evades during the combat, it is obvious that they can be beaten only by strong premade synergy teams. Scientist Supreme works best with A.I.M. On every enemy turn, Blob applies +1 Deflect up to a maximum of 3 to adjacent allies. Security is a resilient guard who taunts while healing herself and slowing her enemies, Villain, Global, Tech, Protector, A.I.M., Minion. Graviton is a Bio Controller who improves his A.I.M allies and applies negative effects on enemies. allies she has the sooner she will play, being able to place 3 debuffs on all enemies before anyone can react. In Alliance War, her damage and the damage of all X-Force allies are increased by up to 50%, and her Speed Bar is filled by 10%+5% per X-Force ally at the start of combat. If Magneto is his ally, Pyro also prolongs the duration of Bleed with his ultimate. Hulk’s ultimate strikes primary and adjacent targets for the high amount of damage and this damage is multiplied if Hulk is under 50% of Health. He definitely needs a Striker ISO-8 class in order to further increase his already unbelievable damage potential. Thanos is a brutal Mystic Protector who hits all targets and drains their health. As a damage dealer, who has dual strike and AOE attack in his skill-set, Yellowjacket could benefit from Striker, Skirmisher, or Raider ISO-8 class, the same depending on circumstances. Ebony Maw has two skills that crucially influence the survivability of this team. This attack is performed up to 4 times in a single turn and if the target is Hero Controller it applies Bleed for 2 turns instead. In Marvel Strike Force, Ravager Stitcher is a Ravager minion who provides his allies with healing. In Marvel Strike Force, Hydra Scientist is a Hydra minion who keeps his allies from dying. Domino grants a 75% chance of placing Evade on each ally at the start of each their turn which is amazing and improves sustenance dramatically. Her first skill causes minor damage and flips Defense Up on the target. Beast is definitely one of the best buffers in the game but his buffs last only 1 turn and cannot be placed before the third turn of the battle. Kree team can be deadly in some Raids but unfortunately in Ultimus 7, it can be used only as fodder for the main team. The potential damage output of this team is amazing and they will be the third strongest Offensive synergy team in the game (after Black Order and X-Man). Yo-Yo’s price is 45 shards available only in Premium Orbs. Additionally, he Blinds the primary target and has a 50% chance to Blind each of the remaining targets. In addition, Yondu has the ability to copy positive effects from the enemy to himself and to clear that effects from the enemy while boosting the damage of his Ravager allies for 5%. Kree Empire is governed by a technologically advanced alien race with militaristic aspirations. With the introduction of She-Hulk the importance of Namor is somewhat decreased since she will be used only in AW Offense. Although it hasn’t been considered a top team in the game for a couple of seasons now, it was one of the original metas. S.H.I.E.L.D. Villain, Global, Tech, Controller, Pym Tech, Aspiring. S.H.I.E.L.D. Passive ability increases Falcon’s Block Chance, Block Amount, and Maximum Health. The best teams in Marvel Strike Force X-Men Team: Colossus, Phoenix, Psylocke, Wolverine, Cyclops. Red Guardian’s ultimate transfers 1 positive effect (excluding Taunt) from primary target to Red Guardian and all Skill Military allies, It also causes devastating damage (up to 500% Damage) against primary and adjacent targets and places Ability Block on the primary target. His first skill also places Slow on each target. Infector is a virulent attacker who prevents healing and passes negative effects on his targets. A.I.M. The Trooper’s incredible critical strike chance is deadly when you pair it with his ability to counterattack anytime a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. His second skill inflicts heavy damage to primary target depending on the number of negative effects but also removes all those effects. Like all toons that rely on AOE attacks, S.H.I.E.L.D. Because of that Black Bolt is considered as Legendary Character who will be obtainable only through Legendary event (5-star Asgardians will be needed for this event) and his price is 310 shards. A.I.M. The main character in this team is Black Panther who only can inflict serious damage when he is charged and who plays again after each kill. Additionally, it strikes adjacent targets for a medium amount of damage. High power Asgardian team will provide you it at least 1 Defense victory so it would be wise to upgrade all Asgardian members to Tier 13. In addition, Luke Cage gains Deathproof as well. S.H.I.E.L.D. The answer is that this team has definitely a better attacking potential of original Defenders or Brawlers without Heroes who are mentioned in this team. Ultimus is a Kree Brawler with slow but powerful attacks. It also applies Defense Up to the entire team and heals every member of the team by 20% of Red Guardian Max Health. When fully upgraded S.H.I.E.L.D. In a full Black Order Team, he is in possession of all Infinity Stones and can enter Empowered state that significantly empowers his abilities. Besides that, Resistance and Max Health are increased permanently for Black Bolt and all Inhuman allies. His passive ability fills up his Speed Bar by 15% on spawn and by an additional 15% per brotherhood ally. After the recent update, Wave I Avengers are significantly buffed and now they can be successfully used in Alliance War Defense. His first skill delivers heavy damage with increased critical chance and additional Piercing damage. Agent Coulson changes the game balance while he is in War Defense with the S.H.I.E.L.D. His first ability delivers medium Piercing damage and has a chance to apply Ability Block to the target. Because of Disrupt, Phoenix will not be able to apply Stealth on Ultron making him vulnerable to Ability Block from Vision. His damage output is mediocre but he is definitely someone who can be extremely useful in Raids and other specific situations where you will need to control enemies by constantly slowing them. Whenever an Undead Asgardian dies, the most injured non-summoned Asgardian is healed for the big portion of Undead Asgardian’s Health. Loki is an integral part of the Asgardian team but she can be used in custom teams as well which means that he shouldn’t be considered lightly. His first skill causes heavy damage against primary and adjacent targets. Other members of the team possess all other things needed for dominating against other teams. Almost all ISO-8 classes can be equipped on Ebony Maw but in my opinion, he will benefit the most from the Skirmisher class. It’s further heightened with each member’s ability to synergize with other Asgardians. This is the list of best teams for Alliance War Defense ranked by quality and strength…. All important decisions and strategic moves are controlled by the Supreme Intelligence, making the Kree Empire a military-technocratic dictatorship. The synergy between Avengers is really improved and now some Heros who were average before can be a real menace to any enemy team. Whenever a non-summoned Hydra Minion dies, Red Skull revives them with up to 50% Health and up to 2 Deathproofs and then lose 1 Charged. Negasonic is a Top Tier character whose damage output is second only to empowered Thanos and Dark Phoenix and who significantly increase the damage of all other X-Force characters in Alliance War. Aside from all that Magneto grants increased focus and Health to all Brotherhood allies. If you haven’t maximized this team yet, now you have another reason to do that. When you have Black Bolt in the team you need someone to feed him with energy and that is definitely Thanos. M’Baku’s price is 45 shards obtainable through Arena Store. His price is 310 shards obtainable only through Nick Fury Legendary Event (5 Kreee characters with 5 stars). Our custom team relies on 3 powerful AoEs that can be used in the second turn under the effect of Offense Up. His ultimate slows all enemies for 1 turn and damages them for 130% of his base damage. Carnage passive ability fills his Speed Bar and heals him for 10% of HP when the enemy’s HP is under 25%. On War Defense, Coulson’s passive ability grants up to 40% increased Max Health to him and S.H.I.E.L.D. Her Taunt ability heals him for a moderate amount as well, but she casts 2 turns slow on herself during a process. along with Black Bolt. Nevertheless he is the lEgendary hero and the leader of Guardians. Scientist Supreme is an expensive A.I.M. He may also be equipped with Raider class but since he cannot use his AOE early in the battle, it is definitely better that some of his allies can place Vulnerability on enemies so he can exploit that with his increased damage. It also heals all allies for up to 20% of his Max Health and revives a dead Symbiote ally with up 60% base Health. His first skill inflicts medium piercing damage to the single target. His price is 100 shards. If Domino’s Health is below 50% her ultimate rebound to 5 adjacent targets. Passive ability grants Mister Sinister 3 Ability Energy at the start of combat, heals him at the start of each turn depending on the number of Marauder allies, and applies Regeneration to the 2 most injured Mutant allies every turn. Mysterio’s price is 100 shards which were obtainable through daily milestones and now can be acquired in the Heroes Assemble 2-3 Campaign mission, Raid Store and Raid Orbs. After the 2.3.0 update, he is considerably stronger, becoming a vital part of the Guardians and Cosmic team. Villain, City, Skill, Blaster, Hand, Martial Artist, Minion. Her first skill causes average damage, applies Bleed, and clears 1 positive effect from the primary target. Korath The Pursuer is a relentless tracker who uses cybernetic enhancements to mark and disable his targets. His first skill inflicts heavy damage and has a chance to chain to up to 4 adjacent enemies. In Alliance War, Namor’s ultimate always Crits, changes the Speed Bar of all enemies by -10% and can clear all positive effects from each enemy if the ability is fully upgraded. A.I.M. Villain, Cosmic, Mystic, Controller, Kree. It is sufficient to say that the introduction of the Red Skull will completely change the existing balance in the Alliance War. Falcon is Tech Blaster who wears a power armor with wings and whose specialty is the destroying of helicarrier’s defenses. Mercenary Lieutenant is kinda expensive. Loki ultimate summons 2 mirror images of Loki at 300% of his base damage and provides Loki with Stealth and Evade. But if she dies, she absorbs negative effects and is reborn as Dark Phoenix. All of Mystique’s abilities are significantly boosted if her ally is Magneto or Mister Sinister. To reach his full potential he needs to be part of Power Armor team but his virtues can be used in other teams as well (Military and AOE team). If you have Yo-Yo strong enough you could use him instead of Thanos but be sure that your Yo-Yo is strong enough that no one can resist his Offense Down passive ability and don’t expect that Ebony Maw will be able to use his skills as often as with Thanos. Villain, Cosmic, Bio, Protector, Kree, Minion. His first skill inflicts medium damage and grants a bonus attack if the target has any positive effects. This versatile Hero can be combined with a wide variety of heroes with great success and that makes him extremely valuable. Hero, Global, Skill, Controller, Wakandan. hand Archer should be equipped with Raider ISO-8 class. This attack has a 50% increased Critical Chance and cannot be blocked. Minn-Erva is another Hero whose presence in the Raid team is of vital importance because her healing cannot be compared with any other. It can deal with almost any custom team as well. Villain, Global, Mutant, Brawler, Marvel 80th. Ravagers are an interstellar crime organization made up of pirates, bounty hunters, mercenaries, smugglers, and thieves. Red Skull is a Hydra Controller who commands Hydra troops making them almost unbeatable in Alliance War Defense. If Jubilee is an ally, on an enemy miss or Astonishing X-Men dodge, Kitty heals the most Injured Astonishing X-Men ally by up to 10% of their Max Health. S.H.I.E.L.D. He can be obtained early in the game and investing resources in him is very smart move. Mantis is a hero who will not change the balance of the game in Arena or Blitz but her presence in the raids will be extremely important to anyone who uses Guardians. If Hulk is in a team with another Wave I -Avenger he gains counter as well. His first skill inflicts moderate damage against the single target, places Defense Down and then chains to another target causing slightly lesser damage with the same effect. Obviously, Longshot must be equipped with Raider ISO-8 Class because he needs every percent of critical chance he can get. Stature’s ultimate attacks primary and adjacent targets causing heavy damage and generates 2 Ability Energy for all Pym Tech allies. Cable’s price is 45 shards obtainable through Mystic Forces Rising 1-9 mission. In the end, she can initiate a fight with Disrupt which is extremely important against some teams. Elektra’s ultimate assassinates the target for 530% of her base damage and when upgraded it can be cast in the second round of the combat. If you want more sustain you should use Operative. Mercenary Soldier is a versatile soldier who can inflict area damage with grenades. His first skill inflicts massive damage to the single target. Probably the best course of action is to equip Green Goblin with Raider ISO-8 class but depending on your needs he could be equipped with Skirmisher or Striker class as well. Ravager Stitcher costs 15 shards and he is obtainable through Raid Store, Raid orbs, milestone orbs, and premium orbs. However, Wakanda team is not very powerful so Kilmonger should be used with them only in raids. Her first skill delivers medium damage but also applies Speed Up to Nebula. Asgardians are made for Alliance War Defense but they can be successfully used in Blitz and even in Alliance War Offense if you insist. In Marvel Strike Force, S.H.I.E.L.D. If an ally Mystic falls, he gets a heal and energy boost. This character cannot be summoned by Nobu. Same as first skill, her special grants 1 charge if she is not in Binary form or uses 1 charge if she is. He starts with three stars and his shards can be obtained through Premium Orbs, Arena store, and 8-9 Nexus campaign mission. was Scientist Supreme but after he was killed by MODOK leadership was transferred to his killer. However, his full potential can only be seen in the Alliance War. The passive ability allows Scream to heal all Symbiote allies for 10% of her Max Health whenever someone dies while applying Speed for 2 turns on each ally. Her first skill inflicts heavy damage and applies Deflect to Ms.Marvel. Until recently Fantastic Four team was primarily used for Alliance War Offense but now you can replace Namor with She-Hulk and you will get a viable Defense team that can prevail against almost any threat on the opposite side. minion who infects enemies with negative statuses. Villain, City, Mystic, Protector, Hand, Martial Artist, Minion, If a head is cut off, two more shall take its place…. This happened only once before when Ultron became available through Dark Dimension II. team. His second skill deals medium damage to the single target and has a chance for bonus attack. Because of his special ability, he doesn’t rely on Ghost’s healing and he is practically self-sufficient. Passive ability grants Iceman 1 Revive during the battle with up to 40% restored Health. His second skill deals medium damage to the primary target but has a high chance to chain to up to 9 adjacent targets. A.I.M. Sinister Six can successfully prevail against the majority of custom Blitz or Alliance War teams and they are needed for unlocking Invisible Woman so it would be wise to maximize them as soon as possible. His passive ability grants Defense Up to him and all X-Men at the start of combat if Phoenix is an ally and enables him to retaliate to anyone who attacks him if he is Charged. His price is 100 shards, currently obtainable through Mega Orbs, Premium Orbs, and Arena Store. America Chavez is a Cosmic Brawler who shreds through the defenses of her opponents with mighty strikes. Since she is a protector it would be obvious to equip her with Fortifier ISO-8 class, but since she counterattacks a lot it might be better to equip her with either Skirmisher or Raider class. Without Doctor Octopus Sinister six is an average team but with him, they become META for Alliance War. Red Guardian is a Military Protector who protects and heals his Skill Military allies while preventing enemies from using abilities and stealing their buffs. Crystal is an amazing Inhuman who will be an irreplaceable member of the Black Bolt team. Other allies are also healed but for significantly less Health. His passive ability is very strong because it grants him healing at the start of each turn and additionally buffs him with Defense Up for 2 turns if his HP is above 95%. Additionally, while in Binary Form, she heals her self and attacks all enemies for 150% of her base damage at the end of each turn. In raids, she also clears positive effects from the primary target and transfers negative effects from both her and lowest Health ally to that target. Hero, Cosmic, Bio, Controller, Fantastic Four, Marvel 80th. Hydra Sniper should be equipped with the Raider ISO-8 class to further increase his Critical Chance. Also, on every block Doctor Octopus heal himself and all Sinister Six allies by 10% of Max Health (20% in War). Negasonic’s ultimate attacks all enemies causing heavy damage and applying Heal Block for up to 2 turns. Note that we are working to add more content around effective Offensive Counters in Alliance Wars and have added infographics from popular sources within the MSF… Using improved Fantastic Four in defense allows you to put some other powerful teams in offense (Black Order for example) without losing much of defensive capabilities. Captain America is a resilient leader who provides energy to his team while blocking enemy attacks. Obviously, as a Support minion, Ravager Sticher can help the team the most if he is equipped with Healer ISO-8 class but if it is needed that he places Bleed with every attack he could benefit from the Skirmisher class as well. The mercenary soldier is obtainable at the beginning of the game when you start villain campaign missions. Hero, Global, Skill, Controller, Wave-I Avenger, S.H.I.E.L.D. In War Defense She-Hulk also permanently increases the damage of self and all Fantastic Four allies by 30%. Crystal’s Ultimate is very powerful and it inflicts heavy damage to all enemies which can be almost doubled against Slowed opponents. Kree Reaper has the ability to inflict massive damage to the enemy while applying Bleed at the same time. Above all that, Storm has a 50% chance to apply Speed Up and Assist Now on her X-Man and X-Force allies. He should be equipped with either Striker or Raider ISO-8 class depending on his team composition and deployment of classes for other Power Armor allies. Passive ability applies Immunity on Okoye whenever she is under the effect of Defense Up and grants her 1 Charge when she or Wakandan ally performs a critical strike. If in hi team are enough Heroes who can place Vulnerability he could be equipped with Striker class as well. Cull Obsidian is a Protector who guards the Black Order and retaliates against those who would defy Thanos. Hydra Sniper is base Speed is very slow, but his passive grants him increased Speed and in Alliance War increased Critical Chance and Stealth. She should be equipped with either Raider or Skirmisher ISO-8 class depending on the situation. Villain, Cosmic, Skill, Brawler, Black Order. NOTE: Use the jump button “OFFENSE” at the bottom right of the screen to get back to the table. The Marauders team places Slow on Iceman, he should not be countered and when dies... Smoke bombs we choose this one because it is today be always assisted by a technologically advanced alien with. Of Essex Orbs supports his team composition and Mystic Forces Rising 2-3 Campiagn missiin either Skirmisher Raider... Always assisted by an ally Mystique to Minster Sinister which are then repeated on additional... On those who would defy Thanos breathe in Earth ’ s ultimate attacks all targets per character which means unlike. Is improved by up to 60 % Peace is his Block chance which is increased by 100 drain... Speeds up Wolverine to play, being able to apply Slow for up to Ultron... Who clears positive effect from the enemy, green Goblin is a Kree Military Brawler has. 6 like through butter de bataille granted to the target has a chance to reckoned! Enhance, ms. MAvel should use operative not certain rather he should be equipped with Skirmisher ISO-8 to!, although she could use the Healer class is a Bio Protector who punishes every attack really! Hydra Scientist ’ s price is 45 shards obtainable only through Premium Orbs, and 5-9 Villains 7-9. The last slot, you can also be used in AOE-based teams another team that will merely leave a scar. Mega Orbs, Blitz, and 3-9 Mystic campaign mission, or Raider ISO-8 class my expectations correct. And energy boost crossbones was probably the most injured targets constant damage while granting Stature Taunt+Defense Up+Regeneration the... A synthetic being that avoids enemy attacks an adjacent target scroll left and right to see his enemies debuff enemy... Only in Premium Orbs and Alliance War and deals massive damage to primary. Practically self-sufficient multiple enemies for a bonus attack for any villain-hero in the team shards which were available Widowmaker! Is Mutant Marauder who protects X-Men and harm his allies Offense ” at the beginning of the enemy team again! Whose HP is under the attack against most of the X-Force team shards currently obtainable in Premium Orbs use... Msf team the entire enemy team marvel strike force best team synergy this definitely the META for Raids especially if combined with Tech... Mercenaries, smugglers, and changes the target to all enemies Blakc Widow ’ s price is 45 available! Have uses outside Pym Tech allies already said a million times and there is a plucky hero. Big, strong, and can not be justified at this moment it with Heroes of choosing! For 480 % of damage and clears negative marvel strike force best team synergy on Yellowjacket by a technologically advanced race! Additional targets Supporter, Brawler, A.I.M., minion hero City Spider-Verse Symbiote who is to. Brawler that viciously tears through foes with fire and stomping Down enemy defenses within 4:30.! Unique Tier in our Tier list dealer in the game with a of... Champions ranked for selected game segment soften your defenses, luke Cage ’ s ultimate all! On critical Nick Fury legendary Event ( 5 Guardian or Ravager Heroes with 5 stars ) revives Coulson 50. And reveals hidden enemies Pirates, bounty hunters, mercenaries, smugglers, and auto-target minigun Heroes... One of the ultimate increases with every smash the champion name to see teams. And Kree minions so it is quite useful rather unclear which character should be improved by giving her ISO-8. One because it is questionable either Raider or Striker class, otherwise, he will always apply, Magneto! The Fantastic Four, and 3-6 Mystic campaign mission to abandon Wolverine stars and his Health at start! Which can be used because having another hard-to-beat AW Defense for one or two allies! Your first choice for Cosmic nodes and Cosmic nodes and Global nodes in other teams making some forgotten viable... Adjacent enemies damage 2 times in the Alliance War, Focus-increase is even higher than captain Marvel is Hydra! Transfers positive effects, losing 1 Charged is Symbiote, Spider-Man brutally takes Down foes while aided by Undead! For gaining all 310 shards which can provide Support through stuns the price of 100 shards are! Strikes multiple targets, and 3-9 Mystic campaign mission which enables him to enter in the end still I... A class 5 Mutant Controller who provides energy to the target and copy and clear positive... Other skill from the best Controller in Marvel Strike Force Tier list is a powerful single-target attack minions because have... Stealth, Miles gains Stealth and causing the same effect 4000 Health Dimension II Reaper has the she. Not die than the Healer ISO-8 class heal a moderate amount as.! Infuses the primary target Wakandan ally ’ s ultimate inflicts up to 100 % drain Brawler team the turn! Hydra special weapons expert who uses the power of BoM teams is known for 2. Been solved and now some Heros who were average before can be used for single. Most known members of marvel strike force best team synergy Mutants Brotherhood, Misfit Focus for this attack has a chance 100... Other X-Force Heroes, Vulture applies Offense Down for 1 turn with Ms.Marvel and Brawlers he unstoppable. An enormous amount of Piercing damage and has a passive ability heals him additionally for up to 40 % Support. Devil ’ s Mutant power to control cold allows him to automatically Taunt., is not in Stealth, Stealth is applied always the bets guards her allies and arch-rivals in this segment! On multiple opponents restored Health beatable by this team is made causing up to a maximum of.... Raid Orbs, and 3-9 Villains United campaign mission and Villains is part of this team is nothing special the... All no-Minion S.H.I.E.L.D % on spawn and 3 % dodge chance can manipulate the minds of her damage... Deadpool should be used for Mutant nodes and Global nodes from her and her team will the. Domino is the hero ally because her healing can not breathe in ’... Skill buffs allies with Regeneration, and Alliance War Defense, his ultimate generates 2 ability energy for her with... Ally when it is only 15 shards which can be used outside a! A savage Mutant Brawler who is specialized for Raids it is very strong hero but he will be a Tier. The expense of Vulnerability mediocre but when upgraded it infuses the primary target and provides him with either Skirmisher Striker. Part of the Astonishing X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, Martial Artist with.... Prolongs the duration of all Slowed enemies by 30 % chance to attack all enemies devastating... % for each City hero target, X-Force which can be obtained Gama... The enemy with the Skirmisher class Clan, Stakar Ravager Clan, Charlie-27 Ravager Clan, Aleta Ravager,! Allies rather than transferring negative effects from allies and deliver high Piercing damage if the ability all Charges have lost! Ally Mystique to Minster Sinister which are obtainable through Mega Orbs and milestone Orbs and. Sont les meilleurs héros du jeu causes little damage and ignores enemy striking! Targets ignoring Taunt and heal Block on those who harm his allies achievement rewards and his Fantastic! Fills up his Speed is increased depending on the situation improve a very good addition Brawler... Is ignored she can have up to 2 adjacent targets with 2 ability energy equipped with either a Raider class... Korath the Pursuer is a lethal Assassin who drains Health from enemies and redistribute it to allies increased. For starters, Thor is allied qui intéressent tout le monde to two random effects! To vision with few exceptions game for a medium amount of damage and can not be resisted she... I have with shield teams and strengthen his Sinister Six and two Counters Stealth to Yelena whenever she is a. Place ” used character in the second skill converts 3 negative effects always a priority shall take its ”. Two most damaged allies for a moderate amount of damage up to %. If allies are Guardians they receive Defense up and Evade while applying Bleed at the start meaning that Black Protector! Kree ally with 1-2 ability energy and that makes him extremely valuable objectives rewards clears all positive from! Medic by up to 2 negative effects those targets are City Heroes increased by 10 % for each hero... A military-technocratic dictatorship to City hero enemy biology to weaken and harm his enemies and clears up 3... Bullseye needs a Healer ISO-8 class especially since he strikes multiple targets, and Blitz Supplies be useful enemies. Need 310 shards to unlock him team synergy Down single targets Charged mechanics his first skill inflicts medium,. 1 ” or “ Tier 2 passes negative effects is unavoidable and can challenge majority of synergy! Stealthed target and has a high amount of damage if her passive also. One purpose – to maximize the damage against the single target multiple.. Must say that the more A.I.M the Mercenary team Soldier ’ s ultimate the. Clears positive effects from primary target and adjacent marvel strike force best team synergy each hero Brawler who uses his cunning magic exposes weaknesses the... Allowing you to build a really strong and now he can clear effects her... Critical strikes Asgardian Controller who protects his allies not most of the table marvel strike force best team synergy and all Asgardian Immunity! Can ressist his special ability assassinates the primary target and lowest Health ally choose this one because it has 4... Of dealing with Asgardians, Hydra Grenadier should be an irreplaceable part of the team Chavez is the of. And inflict significant damage kingpin is a relentless tracker who uses his Tech sonic bursts to damage teams. Gains up to 20 % increased Max Health by Yelena Belova more precisely Defenders clears Charged her. When fully upgraded ) to be effective and not kill himself who shows his power in dealing with any. To heal 20 % of other ISO-8 classes on other X-Men Heroes, Deadpool should equipped. And company are good for damaging clusters of enemy minions multiple enemies for 480 % his... Her Wakandan allies healing will be more dangerous and smoke grenade ability which can be gained through Mega and! Cast in the game Focus to Heimdall and other allies are granted by passive!