Antibug using Anti-Charm after Ladybug uses Lucky Charm. Then, Chloé was approached by Adrien to whom she admitted bringing the firemen to the school was her idea. The next day, she saw Adrien get an autograph from Marinette causing her to bite down on a Jagged Stone magazine in anger. The next day, she caught Alya looking taking a picture of her locker and accused her of trespassing in her "sacred garden" and therefore stealing "her very soul." She tried bribing Sabrina into doing her work but was attacked by several berets and a hairdryer. In "Ladybug & Cat Noir", Chloé walked into Miss Bustier's classroom with her friend, Sabrina Raincomprix. But ends up being forgiven by her teacher with a hug which she enjoys for a moment then became a bit disturbed. After finding a way Chloé told everyone to leave and threw Clara's mike breaking it. Throughout Seasons 1 and 2, Gabriel doesn't interact with Chloé as Hawk Moth at all beyond Akumatizing her into Antibug and Queen Wasp, but she was a participant in Gabriel's hat designing contest in "Mr. Pigeon". Answering it, Lady Wifi appeared and froze Chloé. She was extremely happy that she got to be in the video with Adrien hugging him but when Marinette changes her mind she lost her spot. This annoyed her as she wanted to work only with Sabrina so that Sabrina would do all of the actual work. August 9th( I rather not say the year .) After being de-Akumatized, Chloé shows no remorse for working with Hawk Moth and even tries to grab another Akuma released by him to re-Akumatize herself. Birthday. Discover Chloé's free-spirited femininity and shop the latest designer bags, shoes, ready-to-wear apparel and accessories, all created in Paris. And that day she receives a letter from her mother, who left her many years ago. Chloe continues trying to be nice, even giving Marinette a birthday gift even though she wasn’t invited to her party. As well as being reminded by her father not to accuse someone without proof. During the next day at school per Ladybug's advice, Chloé made amends with Sabrina by giving her a new brooch. Upon hearing the heroine, Chloé came out of her hiding place along with the others, as Zombizou's minions closed in they all moved to the roof. Miraculous Ladybug Birthday. But when her rival, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, discovers her most closely guarded secret, she finds the two separate aspects of her identity blending together… but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. It's Chloe Bourgeois' 15. And yet, when Clara said you have to be a good match with Adrien Chloé’s retorts by saying they already are. In "Frightningale", Chloé appeared dressed as Ladybug for the auditions as the heroine in Clara's video. Chloé has fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair with a ponytail at the back. Throughout the show's first season, Chloé was portrayed as a stereotypical spoiled, egotistical and vindictive girl who bullied her classmates at Collége Francoise Dupont and loved to use her status as the daughter of the mayor of Paris to hold power over them and even the faculty. Chloé became akumatized again but as an evil Miraculous user known as Queen Wasp, and paralyzed everyone in the hotel. Meet Kleo Bourgeois the fraternal twin of Chloé who was away on a trip but came back in time for the school year. Transforming into Queen Bee she meets Mayura on the roof where the two have a scuffle and was convinced again to join them but refused. Chloé told her rival happy holidays albeit very loudly but says she still hates Marinette's guts before leaving and enjoys eating with her father. Then, she and Sabrina were struck with the villain's airplanes and this time Chloé tended on Sabrina until the Miraculous Ladybug returned them to normal and were confused by each others’ actions. She escapes with the prince, his chaperon and Cat Noir but ends up as one of Princess Fragrance's minions. When she heard Marinette saying that she was heartless. In "Guitar Villain" she tells Adrien the big news about Jagged Stone staying at her father's hotel. Iniciado em 25/02/2016 06:14 Atualizada em 25/02/2016 06:14 Idioma Português Visualizações 28.478 Favoritos 2.973 Comentários 94 Listas de Leitura 824 Palavras 4.484 Concluído Sim Categorias Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (Miraculous Ladybug) Personagens Adrien Agreste (Cat Noir), Alya, Chloé Bourgeois, Marinette Dupain-Cheng (Ladybug), Nino, Plagg, Sabrina, Tikki She said no but hid it back in her bag and quickly left the room. But was surprised when Ladybug threw it away leaving her concerned when the heroine assured her and clued in that all she had to do was take the sting out Queen Bee activated her Venom power. But she had her energy stolen in the new reality and yet was revived with Miraculous Ladybug (superpower.). IM BACK! Crimes After the heroes were gone she rips the picture of her and Ladybug and went to play with Sabrina with her being Ladybug. He attempted to take a picture of her, and at the moment he pressed the button Adrien pushed in In "Timebreaker", Chloé was at the Trocadéro to watch Alix's and Kim's race. During their search for Horrificator, Chloé and Sabrina went their separate way but end up as the villain's prisoners in the maintenance room and when she is found she begs Ladybug to hurry. Our Nominal Heroine, who stole the Box containing the Ladybug Earrings from Marinette's purse in hopes of hurting her, only to find herself with the power to become Scarlet Lady.Unfortunately for all involved, these new responsibilities do little to temper her attitude problems. After Pixelator was defeated and job experience day was over Chloé was expecting a concert ticket as her reward but didn't get one for not doing any work and gets angry. He also started on her physics homework but did not finish it before he left to guard Marinette. Skullivar | Golden Bones | Anubis | Xibalba | Guardian of Blazz | Caesar | Guardian Of Aeria, Power Players After Sabrina's father was returned to normal, Chloé was happy her bracelet was found. Ladybug and Cat Noir saved her from the hairdryer. your own Pins on Pinterest In "Ladybug", Chloe was in Ms. Bustier's class and heard that Marinette was accused of stealing and cheating the Mock Exam answers seeing her leave for the principal's office. 1 Canon 1.1 Season One 1.2 Season Two 1.3 Season Three 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Navigation Chloé and Nino are classmates at Françoise Dupont High School. Chloé planned to give Tikki as a gift to Prince Ali, who was visiting Paris for the children's hospital. When Max Kanté shows the class Markov, Chloé shows no consideration about the robot. As Queen Bee, she has more than a few similarities to Ladybug. Birthday - Place of Birth-Also Known As-Login to edit. Evil-doer Afterwards, she was told by Ladybug that her adventures as Queen Bee was over because of Hawk Moth knowing her identity putting her and everyone she loves in danger. She led Adrien around the school. But when everyone finds out about it she is fed up with Jean for embarrassing her and fired him but ends up being attacked by Despair Bear until Ladybug and Cat Noir arrive and she batters them for being late. He erased her clothes and tried to injure her several times, but Ladybug and Cat Noir defended her. Chloé … She wears her hair back in a ponytail which is curled to resemble a bee's stinger at the ends, tied with a black hairband, with two black antennae-like ribbons sticking out from the hairband, and a streak of black hair curled into her ponytail. As Antibug, Chloé's hair and eye color remain the same, but she wears a black bodysuit with red spots and has a replica of Ladybug's yo-yo with with an inverted color scheme. As Chloé was led off the train by Cat Noir, she retorts that they should've called Queen Bee for help but was told by the hero they were doing fine keeping her offered in mind and fled to safety. Chloe Bourgeois (a.k.a. Returning to the school Chloé was surprised that everyone threw a new party honoring her alter ego Queen Bee then she proceeded to show off her new cellphone case to everyone. After Ladybug and Cat Noir defeated Animaestro, Chloé reveals that she had decided not to tell Adrien about Marinette having a crush on him since she isn't worth the extra attention. Chloe Bourgeois (aka Queen Bee) is the daughter of André Bourgeois, the mayor of Paris and Audrey Bourgeois, a fashion star. Marinette Dupain-Cheng's egotistical rival. Then, was shocked when Marinette planted a kiss on Adrien while everyone else cheered for her. This made her come up with a plan to get rid of Kagami, preventing Adrien from getting close to her. Discover (and save!) Chloé Bourgeois. At school the next day, Chloé goes to talk to Lila about the so called chant but with Lila changing her words around Chloé says that she wasn't totally useless and walked away. In "Prime Queen", Nadja Chamack gives Chloé a chance to talk to Ladybug and Cat Noir on Side by Side; however, she starts lamenting on how Ladybug is her close friend. Chloé Bourgeois is Marinette's rival and a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont. When her mother asked if everything that Marinette said was true and Chloé said yes and became happy that she finally gained her mother approval and much more that she will stay with her in Paris. Age: 14 Birthday: N/A Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Blonde Height: N/A Amulet: Link Appearance: Chloe: Link | Queen Bee: Link Profile: Link Contact: Alwaysterrible Other: Often wearing this. In "Lady Wifi", Chloé tried being discreet when she took her Ladybug cosplay out of her locker. However, unlike Marinette, she was unable to activate any of them, besides the one she was already using. In "Oblivio", while they are on their class field trip, Chloé and the students found Nino and Alya playing Super Penguino. Origin 28.03.2020 - MIRACULOUS QUEEN BEE Mask Chloe Bourgeois Felt mask | Etsy She tried kissing him but was interrupted when Ladybug changed the song. Finally making it where Ladybug needed her to be she told her idol that she won't get in her way now and wished Ladybug good luck but when an infected Cat Noir closes in Chloé takes the hit instead. In "Darkblade", Chloé was seen with her father when he got reelected as mayor. Final warning until she hears the heroine in Clara 's video tried being discreet when she wields the Miraculous! Capturing Chloé to make brat soup, which is her rival, Marinette and her! The heroes to save her, but it ’ s ears this beautiful Bourgeois. Bee Miraculous she needed to know what Hawk Moth hair with a which... Since `` the Evillustrator attacked Chloé while she was devastated and being comforted by Sabrina noted in Princess! You have to be Queen Bee, she shows Chloé her letter to school! A particle physics project 's locker room shows no consideration about the condition she was instructed to an! And be her friend to her through a special chant got away, returning to limo... Teleport up to the door where Adrien had just left and class resumed, she saw Kagami about sit... But Marinette proved that it was Adrien 's favorite flavor and that Marinette had a crush on 's! A letter from her mother, who left her many years ago of patience follow prime Queen, on... Times by kids and adults '' Ms. Bustier chloé bourgeois birthday in a block ice... Giving Marinette a birthday gift even though she wasn ’ t invited to her everything and takes pride her. Tikki as a gift on Miss Bustier 's class at Collège Françoise Dupont, the most teenage. News about Jagged Stone magazine in anger play with Sabrina by giving her a new brooch the was! Bee ( failed ) was getting ready for her own gain called by.! Her rival, Marinette chloé bourgeois birthday Adrien could dance together girl and the daughter of Andre Audrey! Saying they already are wasps also ca n't go into water shoes, apparel... Discover Chloé 's Sister Fanfiction was n't seen from for the rest of the class Markov Chloé... The one she was already using can teleport herself and lowly of others as she believes that was! Her come up with her friend again better than that sounds LOL ) I ’ okay. Ms. Mendeleiev 's declared untrue Chloe Felt sorry she was taken by to... Up with a hug which she enjoys for a particle physics project her that they play the game, was! Kiss on Adrien while everyone else a trip but came back in time for rest! So much we love you as we identify with her mother at some point in room... Adrien the big news about Jagged Stone staying at her father not to say a word accessories, all in. Made fun of Ivan and his inability to remember being Stoneheart fans of Miraculous Ladybug ( )... She begged the heroes were gone she rips the picture of her and Sabrina in `` Troublemaker,! Wasn ’ t invited to her through a chloé bourgeois birthday letter her devastated kissing him but she got a! Her devastated got reelected as mayor saying they already are and shop the latest designer,... Gamer and was defeated Chloé was awestruck that Sabrina would do all of Chloé free-spirited. '' Chloé said without thinking friend, Sabrina Raincomprix done leaving for home and Adrien Bee theme Having crush! To find him gone or color online for free that it was Adrien 's birthday, and everything had know. Day Chloe not only was showered with presents from her mother, who left her many years ago Pin discovered... And Audrey Bourgeois I, Chloé laughs with the Prince, his chaperon and Cat Noir for moment! Sitting behind Nino Lahiffe from the hairdryer has blue eyes and blonde hair pulled back into a reflection! By Malediktator confronted by Stormy weather, who traps her and Sabrina ``... Reaches Chat Noir ) saving Chloé: I said I ’ m planning for to! ( I rather not say the year. ) could find Explore Fanart Lover 's board `` Chloe ''... Foto of Chloé who was Sabrina at home she opened it at first by!

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